Girl with comfort blanket



In the summer of 2005, I was invited to participate in “The Meat Factory” project by the artist Judy Liebert. "The Meat Factory" was a temporary exhibition space. This 1930s building in Nottingham used to be a butchery, and was demolished soon after the exhibition.

I created the “Girl With Comfort Blanket” installation for this space. I videoed myself knitting a white, adult-sized comfort blanket. Judy Liebert then videoed me walking from Nottingham centre to The Meadows (where the Meat Factory resides) clutching this same blanket. During this performance, one stranger enquired “Are you alright?”.

Both videos were projected into the Meat Factory space and visitors to the exhibition, could sit and use the knitting instructions provided to create their owm comfort blankets. People could also contribute to the other Knitting Stories collected in a knitted book.