• Lounging on Red Coaches

    In collaboration with the artist, Julie Fiala, I created a project entitled Lounging on Red Couches: A public dialogue on safety in Hyde Park. We made this project in conjunction with Situation Leeds Public Art Festival. On 28th May 2005 Leeds' Hyde Park was transformed into a public lounge for people to discuss their experience of the Hyde Park area of Leeds and issues of safety. We arranged for thirty second-hand couches to be wrapped in red fabric and then placed into the park for one day only. Volunteers asked people who passed-by to come and talk to the local volunteer facilitators about their experiences. Over one hundred conversations took place on these couches. Each conversation was recorded and then we edited these into a publication along-side photographs. This publication was then delivered to 15,000 local residents by Young Offenders as part of their reparation. Whispers of this event are still heard in the Hyde Park area.