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For “Perambulator” (a Live art event) at Leeds Met University on 24th November '07, six couples emerged at certain times to kiss for ten minutes in close proximity.

“Kissing” is commissioned by Tate Liverpool to be presented on March 27th '08 with new performers: Colin Michel & Andrew Roberts, Katie Phillips & Thomas Bolland, Claire Harbottle & Craig Worrall, Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon, Howard Storey & Maria-Luisa Olmos, Andrew Mitchelson & Owen Parry, Thomas Bolland & Katie Phillips, Luke Mullen & partner, Hazel & partner, Rosanna Gammon & partner

“Kissing” investigates whether a living sculpture can be aesthetically beautiful or, will it be repulsive, as some people perceive public affection to be. The artist's aim is to provoke a reaction from the public and gauge people's perception of this particular act, multiplied for visual effect. Reactions to the performance usually range from people feeling a sense of longing and nostalgia to feelings of tension and disgust. The piece explores the boundaries of personal space, alienation and restraint.

“Kissing” will be re-created in and around Leeds City Centre in the public realm soon....

Pete Carr's photo of the kissers

Tate Liverpool
Kissing at Tate Liverpool